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Information about the corona virus in other languages

Here you will find local information about corona. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, you can call the national public information number 815 55 015

Rules and advice in Sula kommune

National rules and advice apply in Sula kommune unless otherwise stated.

National rules and advice

Corona testing and test results

If you develop symptoms such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat or feel sick, you should get tested.

Book a coronatest

You can book an appointment for yourself and your children below the age of 18. You have to book the appointment in advance.

Book test digitally

You must log in with BankID/MinID to book an appointment digitally. In the form you have to answer some questions before you get an appointment. The portal is in norwegian. 

You can also book at test by calling Kommunelegekontoret, phone 70 19 91 60. Remember to have your social security number ready. 

How the test takes place 

We take samples from the throat and nose. The samples show whether you have the coronavirus or not. 

The result is usually ready within 1-4 days. 

Where the test takes place in Sula kommune

The test location i Sula kommune is by Langevåg Røde Kors, Adress: Molværsvegen 74, 6030 Langevåg

Test result

You will recieve an SMS when the testresult is ready. If your test i positive you will be contacted by the infection control team.

Find test results (log on)

The result is available at (English) within 1 - 4 days after you took the test. 


The test is free of charge. 

Vaccine against corona

More information about the Coronavirus vaccines (

Vaccine is free

The government has decided that the vaccine and vaccination in the Coronavirus Immunisation Programme is free for everyone in recommended groups who are living in Norway, including foreign nationals.

The offer does not apply to Norwegian citizens living abroad.

How do you get the vaccine?

We are now vaccinating those who are turning 18 (born in 2003) and over.

You will recieve an SMS from Please respond to the SMS, even  if you do not want the vaccine. If you have not received an SMS please call kommunelegekontoret, telephone number 70 19 91 60.

Where does the vaccination take place in Sula kommune?

The vaccination i Sula kommune is situaten at  Langevåg bedehus, O. A. Devoldvegen 7 i Langevåg.